• Single Truth Crafting
• Data Flow Design
• Managerial Insights 


• Holistic Team Management
• Complex BI/ERP/CRM Coordination
• Synergy-Focused Training


• Unified Business Design
• Adaptive Efficiency Creation
• Team-Centric Optimization


As a team of IT specialists, we build a solid foundation for effective information management in organizations of all sizes.

We build "data buses" by designing and implementing flow systems, modeling, layering and segmentation, as well as process optimization, ensuring smooth and efficient work.

By adopting the proto-cooperation paradigm, we strive to build strong, lasting relationships with our corporate partners. We work to give them easy access to key information, allowing them to focus on their core business.

We are convinced that as a small entity, we are able to do great things by supporting the development and success of organizations of all sizes.

Our 8-Step Process

Understanding Business Needs and Problems

Identifying the specific challenges and requirements of the business to ensure that the report addresses relevant issues.

Conducting Analysis

Analyzing the identified needs and problems, utilizing various tools and methodologies to gather insights that will guide the reporting process.

Preparing the ETL Process and Building a Model

Establishing the Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) process to manage the flow of data from diverse sources into a unified format, ensuring a single source of truth.

Creating Report Mockup by UX Designer

The UX Designer designs a preliminary mockup of the report to visualize its structure and layout, ensuring alignment with business objectives.

Preparing an Initial Report Version for Validating Figures and Metrics

Crafting an early version of the report based on data and metrics, independent of specific UX design considerations, with the aim of validating the accuracy of numbers and measures.

Client Report Testing

Collaboratively testing the report (focusing on data accuracy, metrics, etc.) with the client to ensure it meets their expectations and requirements.


Making necessary adjustments and refinements to the report based on feedback and testing results to enhance its effectiveness and relevance.

Finalizing Report with UX Designer’s Accepted Mockup

Integrating the previously accepted UX designer's mockup into the final report, assuring it aligns perfectly with the business's expectations and needs.

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